Angelcare Baby Monitor Review

What makes parents love Angelcare baby monitor is its special movement sensor feature. Especially this is very helpful for children below the age of one. You can use this monitor for many years even when the baby gets older. Many parents still want to buy Angelcare baby monitor for their kids of two and half years old.

The Angelcare baby monitor is a great product in conveying you the necessary signals when your baby is put in the crib or in the basinets or in the portable cribs. You have to keep it over a plywood board so that the sensor pad gets some sort of support. The crib that has a spring base might be too soft to hold the monitor and this may cause damage to the Angelcare baby monitor and the usage of plywood is recommended to avoid this. Also false alarms are prevented by this.

The Angelcare baby monitor is small and portable that you can carry it during your travels. You will get a clear live image of your baby and it can be used at a good range. The Angelcare baby monitor can grasp the sound of the baby even when you are at the one end of the house and your baby at the other end. You can actually hear what is going on inside the baby’s room and help you to find out if your baby needs your attention.

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The Angelcare baby monitor helps the parents to sleep soundly at night. As it detects the movement of the baby, you can get alerts during emergency times. But for that you can get a peaceful sleep. You need not run to see what your baby is doing on hearing little noises. The reviews about Angelcare baby monitor says that the users are perfectly satisfied with this product and have found this to be very handy and convenient to ensure the safety of the baby.

The Angelcare baby monitor can pick up the movement of the child and can gauge the state of sleep. You have different modes in this device which could be changed when needed. You may set it to beep for every movement that is noticed in the crib. If you are worried greatly about your baby, you may use this mode.

The Angelcare baby monitor can detect the slightest movement of the baby. If no movement is observed for 15 seconds then this warns you by making the sound. It is a real guardian angel for your little one.