Audio Baby Monitor Guide

The audio baby monitor is used to detect the motion and movement of your baby and help you to hear the tiny movements, motions and sounds that your loved one makes. The audio baby monitor is quite different from video baby monitor. It gives you only the sound of the baby while the second one gives you the picture of your little one. But the second type is quite expensive than the first type. Therefore many parents opt for audio baby monitor. This is very helpful for moms to keep an eye on their baby’s safety while they are away.

The newborn audio baby monitor is a very handy tool that helps you. All you have to do is to keep this device under the bed of you baby. This records the sound and movement and transmits them. You can be at a distance of as much as 300 feet but still you could hear the sound clearly. In case there is no motion detected for twenty seconds, you will get an alarm sound. You can go to attend your baby on hearing this sound. The audio baby monitor is very helpful for moms who need rest after the birth of the baby. If she attends to each and every minute sound of the baby, it will spoil her health and disturb the baby in its sleep. Therefore, you can attend it only if the cry is louder with the help of audio baby monitor.

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The audio baby monitor has the facility of more than 100 channels and it scans automatically the right channel to provide you clear signal. The advent of DECT technology prevents the interference of the signals from other baby monitors of your neighborhood families. The audio baby monitor also has sound indicator light and so you have the ability to control the sensitivity of the microphone. Also you have one another facility. This is the music that plays as lullaby. This can be controlled by the parent unit. You have a list of songs available and you can select one from them. You can remotely turn on the music and this will soothe your baby.

As there are so many types of audio baby monitor in the market, you have to compare the different brands and their features before you settle down for one. Don’t be taken in by the price of the audio baby monitor. The most expensive one need not necessarily be the best one.