Guide To Baby Bottles

Finding the right brand of baby bottles can make a world of difference in your experience as a new parent. Some of the popular brands are: Playtex, Evenflo, Gerber, Munchkin and Avent. There are several factors to consider when looking for baby bottles for your little one.

These items are available in glass or plastic and some are disposable while others are reusable. Whether you are going to feed your infant exclusively with baby bottles or whether you will toggle between breastfeeding and bottle feeding, you want to make some considerations. The number of times you will use baby bottles will change your criteria for which product will work for you.

Reusable baby bottles are typically made either of plastic or glass. These items be placed in the dishwasher and require sterilization for each feeding. With these types of baby bottles you may want to consider investing in a sterilizer. Sterilizers are very affordable but are an extra step that you may find yourself putting off during those late night feedings.

Disposable baby bottles are basically like reusable types but they have disposable pouches that you place inside the unit. These are particularly convenient when you take baby out for awhile and it eliminates the sterilization process. The liners are refrigerator safe. The downside would be the additional cost of the liners.

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There is also the occasional mistake of not securing the liner on properly and having a very wet mess. This usually happens during those dreaded night feedings of when you are in a hurry. Toggling between reusable and disposable baby bottles is a possibility that may benefit you if you have occasions when liners are inconvenient.

Baby bottles also come in different shapes. Some are available in the well-known straight container. Some have a narrow neck while some are angled at the bottom. The basic reason for the different shapes of baby bottles is gas.

Some designs are excellent for reducing amount of air that the baby takes in during feeding. If the baby takes in less air during the feeding, the less likely they will have gas problems and hiccups. The wide baby bottles are basically for the moms who toggle between the breast and the bottle.

Choosing a baby bottle ultimately becomes an individual choice. There are different factors to consider for your individual needs and I guarantee there are probably a number of baby bottles out there to meet your needs.